Klick, watch and enjoy!

On our journey, we have been taking many photos - and have attracted attention from students, curious adventure seekers and lots of tourists, too!

Enjoy our photo galleries and keep coming back for more - we will be updating our AcroYoga journey regularly with pics of us and our playgroup (if they let us!

The AcroYoga practice has several different components to it, and our galleries are sorted accordingly:

With Partner Asana, we establish the
initial bond with your partner.
We share a warm up and leverage their weight, size and form as counterbalance or possibility to deepen and/or advance our practice.




In Partner Acrobatics, we invite the challenging   element of the practice. Both partner stay very  focused, while keeping the body tight and engaged. We are talking about a base (the one on the bottom) and a flyer (yes, the one on top) who play with counterbalances, lifts and fast transitions. The flier must trust the base tremendously and remain very aware, while the base guides the movements and postures with the same awareness.



Therapeutic Flying allows the base to support the flyer with her/ his feet while the fortunate flyer remains passive and relaxes as much as possible.
The base uses a combination of feet, hands and gravity to receiving deliciously stretch and traction the back and thus release tension in muscles and the spine.





 Please contact us BEFORE using our photos! We are happy to share, but we would really like to know where they will be used and for what purpose.

If you have photos you would like to share with us, please contact us! THANKS for your honesty