What is AcroYoga?

"AcroYoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics.

 These three ancient lineages form this practice that cultivates trust, connection and playfulness. 

Our highest aim is to bring individuals into a state of union with themselves, with each other, and with the divine. From this place of mutual support the true self can be realized, celebrated and shared for the benefit of all."

Jenny and Jason founded the discipline AcroYoga in 2003 in San Francisco. Since then, they have been developing the concept and have been teaching workshops, classes, immersions and other teachers all over the world. 

AcroYoga has three main elements:


  • Solar Acrobatics Practices that cultivate trust, empowerment and joy through strength building exercises, inversions with spotting and partner acrobatics 
  • Lunar Healing Arts Practices that that cultivate listening, loving and letting go through massage, therapeutic flying (aka aerial massage) and partner yoga
  • Yogic Practices that are the glue between solar and lunar practices and facilitate AcroYoga as community-based practice


The practice is based on safe guidelines, so the art of spotting is central to our workshops - you will experience working in trios in the roles of base, flyer and spotter. 

Please check the official AcroYoga website for more details on the practice AcroYoga, teachers around the world and inspiring pics and videos: