Immerse yourself into the AcroYoga Practice


ANZ Immersion Schedule

10-14 Feb 2018: Lunar Immersion with Steph & Oliver, Golden Bay, NZ
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May 2018: Elemental Immersion with Steph, Matt & Tory (exact dates TBC)
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Whether you have never flown before or you are experienced in the AcroYoga practice - Immersions are incredible experiences, an invitation to deepen your relationship to yourself, your fellow students, and to the practice of AcroYoga. 

There are three types of Immersions:  

Elemental Immersion
The Elemental Immersion is the integration of Yoga, Acrobatics and Healing Arts. It introduces the full spectrum practice of AcroYoga in a safe, supportive atmosphere. The mindfulness of yoga creates a steady foundation from which to explore the power of Acrobatics and the loving-kindness of Thai Massage. The interplay of all three disciplines will empower everyone to embody the practice with grace, ease, and joy.

Skills covered: 

  • Lunar & Solar Asana
  • Supine & Prone Thai Massage
  • Forward & Backward Therapeutic Flying
  • Spotting & Inversions
  • Acrobatic Training Techniques & Flying Transitions

Lunar Immersion
The Lunar Immersion focuses on the healing, relaxing and rejuvenating practices of Thai massage and therapeutic flying. The Lunar Asana Sequence teaches basic body mechanics and with a focus on self-love cultivation, in preparation for the dance of Thai massage. The techniques learned on the floor are then translated to the flying work, using the element of gravity to amplify the healing flow of prana (life force). Often, we will work in teams of three for safety and support, and everyone will have the opportunity to base and fly, heal and be healed. This training offers invaluable tools for yoga teachers, massage therapists, and energy workers who wish to develop a new dimension of healing touch for students or clients.

Skills Covered:

  • Lunar Asana Sequence
  • Thai massage in Supine, Prone, Side Lying, & Seated positions
  • Forward, Backward & High Flying Whale Therapeutic Flying Sequences 

Solar Immersion

The Solar Immersion empowers students to realise their infinite potential through the dynamic embodiment of acrobatic partnership. Linear progressions and an emphasis on the art of spotting make learning advanced acrobatics safe, accessible, and fun. Confidence and coordination are developed in strength training and inversions, which pave the way for ease and grace in partner acrobatics. Acrobatic flying transitions are trained in groups, where we specialise in the roles of base and flyer for optimum learning curve. After refining foundations, we will train more precise acrobatic work, such as foot-to-hand, hand-to-hand and standing acrobatics.

Please review the prerequisites: These are taught and refined in the Elemental Immersion, expanded upon in the Solar. Prerequisites will be reviewed on the first day of the Immersion. For your safety, if you cannot comfortably execute the skills, you will be asked to leave the Immersion and will be provided a prorated refund

Skills covered:

  • Solar AcroYoga Asana sequence
  • Strength training elements
  • Alignment, balance and endurance in inversions
  • Spotting techniques
  • Specialised Acrobatic flying groups (2 bases, 2 flyers)
  • Foot-to-Hand, Hand-to-Hand, and 2-High Acrobatics